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An attempt at a travel blog…

So I’ve never done a blog before, and in an ideal world I would have liked to have started this during our first holiday, not 6 years later, but oh well.

So just a heads up, this is not going to be chronological blog. I might be telling you about a long weekend in 2017 one minute, and then telling you about my first trip to the Dominican Republic in 2012 the next. Just bear with us….

PS – When I think of a travel blog I think of beautiful people hot footing around private islands, taking photos whilst swimming under waterfalls – but please note – this is not going to be your average travel blog; it’s not going to be in order, you’re going to read about us visiting the same places, and unfortunately we don’t tend to hop on 5 star luxury yachts or visit private islands. Although visiting the Swimming Pigs at the Exumas is on my to-do list, it’s not quite in my budget just yet!