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Where we’ve been so far…

To start off, I thought it would probably be best to give you an insight into where we’ve been so far so that you have an idea of what’s to come. So, so far, we’ve been to the following places together:

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Las Vegas, Nevada

Costa del Sol, Spain

Paris, France

Dublin, Ireland

As I have said, and will keep saying, we are Creatures of Habit. Although it might not look like we’ve been to many places, we have been to some of the above more than once. Just wait until you find out how many times M has been to the Dominican Republic!!

Anyway, we have also been lucky enough to visit other countries but separately, so although this blog will mainly be about our travels together, we will also include some of our other stories along the way.


Where it all began…

Let me introduce us, I’m N – I’m just your average girl who likes to go on holiday as much as possible, whilst working full time (the struggle is real with only 24 days holiday per year – plus restrictions on when I am able to take them!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Carribean, and Mexico has stolen my heart. To date I’ve been 3 times (twice to the Riu Tequila) and I just love it – the  white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea and the amazing food.

M is my other half, he also works full time and also has a passion for holidays. He is the ultimate Sun God, he just has to look near the sun to get a tan that would take me a month to achieve. He could lie out in the sun from sunrise to sunset if I let him! He’s managed to see some amazing places in his life, including; Kenya, Maldives and Sri Lanka, so although I didn’t get to these places with him, we’ll still be including some of his memories within the blog.

Our very first holiday together was to the Riu Tequila in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2011. We booked it last minute and decided to go for a week. We went in August so it was super hot (which suited M down to a T), we had an amazing time and this is where our love of going on holiday together began.